Schedule & Results, Cross Border Clash, 2016-2017 (Baltimore Ice Dogs)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, March 24, 2017
APAP12:00 PMBALT Highland Storm1-7Baltimore Ice Dogs
NPPANP12:00 PMGRAF Stirling Blues5-5Newcastle Stars
PPPP12:00 PMJBPH Brighton Braves0-3Oro Thunder
AGAG12:30 PMCCCB Minto Mad Dogs4-7Newcastle Stars
APAP22:30 PMCOLB Pembroke Kings2-3Lindsay Muskies
APAP33:00 PMBALT Brighton Braves3-1Sturgeon Lake Thunder
NPPBNP23:00 PMGRAF Tweed Hawks3-2Sturgeon Lake Thunder
PPPP23:00 PMJBPH Pembroke Kings4-1Napanee Stars
AGAG23:30 PMCCCB Mariposa Lightning0-3Dunnville Mudcats
NGNG13:30 PMCOLB Campbellford Colts1-2Dunnville Mudcats
NGNG24:00 PMBALT Deep River Knights1-9Port Stanley Sailors
NPPANP34:00 PMGRAF Ilderton Jets3-1Gananoque Islanders
PPPP34:00 PMJBPH Dunnville Mudcats0-6Tweed Hawks
MPMP14:30 PMCCCB Orono Leafs3-3Brockville Braves
NGNG34:30 PMCOLB Mariposa Lightning3-2Minto Mad Dogs
NPPBNP45:00 PMBALT Pembroke Kings3-4Lindsay Muskies
PGPG15:00 PMGRAF Frontenac Flyers6-1Orono Leafs
PPPP45:00 PMJBPH Mariposa Lightning0-2Brighton Braves
BPBP15:30 PMCOLB Pembroke Kings1-0Baltimore Ice Dogs
APAP46:00 PMBALT Lindsay Muskies4-0Highland Storm
APAP56:00 PMJBPH Pembroke Kings1-3Brighton Braves
PGPG26:00 PMGRAF Manvers Mustangs0-6Deep River Knights
BPBP26:30 PMCOLB Campbellford Colts5-2Petawawa Patriots
APAP67:00 PMBALT Sturgeon Lake Thunder2-5Baltimore Ice Dogs
MPMP27:00 PMJBPH Ottawa Sting3-2Loyalist Jets
PGPG37:00 PMGRAF Essa Eagles6-4Newcastle Stars
BPBP37:30 PMCOLB Loyalist Jets4-1Huntsville Otters
BGBG18:00 PMGRAF Stayner Cyclones1-3Frontenac Flyers
MGMG18:00 PMBALT Rochester Grizzlies1-2Lucknow Sepoys
MPMP38:00 PMJBPH Brockville Braves1-1Lakefield Chiefs
BGBG29:00 PMGRAF Norwood Hornets3-3Napanee Stars
MGMG29:00 PMBALT Frontenac Flyers1-2Deep River Knights
MPMP49:00 PMJBPH Orono Leafs3-0Pembroke Kings
Saturday, March 25, 2017
NPPANP57:30 AMCCCB Newcastle Stars1-1Gananoque Islanders
AGAG38:00 AMBALT Newcastle Stars1-3Mariposa Lightning
NGNG48:00 AMCOLB Port Stanley Sailors3-2Dunnville Mudcats
NGNG58:00 AMJBPH Deep River Knights2-6Mariposa Lightning
NPPANP68:00 AMGRAF Ilderton Jets8-0Stirling Blues
PGPG48:15 AMCCCP Orono Leafs1-5Deep River Knights
NPPBNP78:30 AMCCCB Pembroke Kings2-1Tweed Hawks
AGAG49:00 AMBALT Dunnville Mudcats7-0Minto Mad Dogs
BPBP49:00 AMJBPH Baltimore Ice Dogs1-3Petawawa Patriots
NGNG69:00 AMCOLB Minto Mad Dogs1-0Campbellford Colts
NPPBNP89:00 AMGRAF Lindsay Muskies5-2Sturgeon Lake Thunder
PGPG59:15 AMCCCP Frontenac Flyers6-0Essa Eagles
MPMP59:30 AMCCCB Loyalist Jets5-1Lakefield Chiefs
APAP710:00 AMGRAF Baltimore Ice Dogs4-2Lindsay Muskies
BPBP510:00 AMJBPH Loyalist Jets5-1Pembroke Kings
PPPP510:00 AMCOLB Oro Thunder0-5Tweed Hawks
PPPP610:00 AMBALT Dunnville Mudcats1-0Brighton Braves
PGPG610:15 AMCCCP Newcastle Stars4-3Manvers Mustangs
MPMP610:30 AMCCCB Ottawa Sting6-1Orono Leafs
BGBG311:00 AMCOLB Frontenac Flyers2-3Norwood Hornets
BGBG411:00 AMBALT Napanee Stars2-0Stayner Cyclones
BPBP611:00 AMJBPH Huntsville Otters2-1Campbellford Colts
PPPP711:00 AMGRAF Mariposa Lightning1-4Pembroke Kings
MGMG311:15 AMCCCP Lucknow Sepoys1-4Frontenac Flyers
MPMP711:30 AMCCCB Pembroke Kings0-0Brockville Braves
AGAG512:00 PMGRAF Minto Mad Dogs1-4Mariposa Lightning
NGNG712:00 PMBALT Dunnville Mudcats6-2Deep River Knights
NPPANP1012:00 PMJBPH Newcastle Stars1-4Ilderton Jets
NPPANP912:00 PMCOLB Gananoque Islanders6-2Stirling Blues
MGMG412:15 PMCCCP Deep River Knights8-0Rochester Grizzlies
NPPBNP1112:30 PMCCCB Tweed Hawks1-6Lindsay Muskies
AGAG61:00 PMGRAF Newcastle Stars5-2Dunnville Mudcats
NGNG81:00 PMBALT Port Stanley Sailors3-0Minto Mad Dogs
NPPBNP121:00 PMCOLB Sturgeon Lake Thunder5-3Pembroke Kings
PGPG71:00 PMJBPH Deep River Knights1-4Frontenac Flyers
APAP81:15 PMCCCP Brighton Braves8-1Highland Storm
NGNG92:00 PMBALT Mariposa Lightning2-3Campbellford Colts
PGPG82:00 PMJBPH Orono Leafs4-5Newcastle Stars
PPPP82:00 PMCOLB Oro Thunder3-1Dunnville Mudcats
PPPP92:00 PMGRAF Tweed Hawks4-1Pembroke Kings
BPBP73:00 PMGRAF Petawawa Patriots2-7Loyalist Jets
MPMP83:00 PMBALT Lakefield Chiefs0-5Ottawa Sting
PGPG93:00 PMJBPH Essa Eagles1-4Manvers Mustangs
PPPP103:00 PMCOLB Napanee Stars5-2Mariposa Lightning
BGBG54:00 PMJBPH Stayner Cyclones1-1Norwood Hornets
BPBP84:00 PMGRAF Baltimore Ice Dogs2-3Huntsville Otters
MGMG54:00 PMCOLB Rochester Grizzlies0-8Frontenac Flyers
MPMP94:00 PMBALT Loyalist Jets1-0Pembroke Kings
APAP95:00 PMBALT Sturgeon Lake Thunder0-0Pembroke Kings
BGBG65:00 PMJBPH Frontenac Flyers4-2Napanee Stars
BPBP95:00 PMGRAF Pembroke Kings4-2Campbellford Colts
MGMG65:00 PMCOLB Lucknow Sepoys0-6Deep River Knights
PPPP116:00 PMGRAF 3-4Napanee Stars
Sunday, March 26, 2017
BPCFINBP108:30 AMCCCP Baltimore Ice Dogs4-1Petawawa Patriots
MPCFINMP108:30 AMJBPH Lakefield Chiefs1-3Pembroke Kings
NGCFINNG108:30 AMGRAF Deep River Knights5-2Campbellford Colts
NPDFINNP138:30 AMCOLB Stirling Blues3-4Sturgeon Lake Thunder
PPCFINPP128:30 AMBALT Dunnville Mudcats1-2Brighton Braves
BGBFINBG79:00 AMCCCB Stayner Cyclones2-1Napanee Stars
BPBFINBP119:40 AMCCCP Campbellford Colts1-2Pembroke Kings
MPBFINMP119:40 AMJBPH Orono Leafs2-3Brockville Braves
NGBFINNG119:40 AMGRAF Minto Mad Dogs2-4Mariposa Lightning
NPCFINNP149:40 AMCOLB Tweed Hawks2-4Newcastle Stars
PPBFINPP139:40 AMBALT Napanee Stars4-1Oro Thunder
BGAFINBG810:10 AMCCCB Frontenac Flyers1-2Norwood Hornets
BPAFINBP1210:50 AMCCCP Huntsville Otters2-3Loyalist Jets
MPAFINMP1210:50 AMJBPH Loyalist Jets0-1Ottawa Sting
NGAFINNG1210:50 AMGRAF Dunnville Mudcats1-4Port Stanley Sailors
NPBFINNP1510:50 AMCOLB Pembroke Kings4-0Gananoque Islanders
PPAFINPP1410:50 AMBALT Pembroke Kings0-4Tweed Hawks
APCFINAP1012:00 PMGRAF Highland Storm5-4Sturgeon Lake Thunder
MGBFINMG712:00 PMJBPH Rochester Grizzlies4-3Lucknow Sepoys
NPAFINNP1612:00 PMCOLB Lindsay Muskies2-1Ilderton Jets
PGBFINPG1112:00 PMBALT Manvers Mustangs3-1Newcastle Stars
AGBFINAG71:10 PMCOLB Minto Mad Dogs0-3Newcastle Stars
APBFINAP111:10 PMGRAF Pembroke Kings1-3Lindsay Muskies
MGAFINMG81:10 PMJBPH Frontenac Flyers2-3Deep River Knights
PGCFINPG101:10 PMBALT Orono Leafs5-1Essa Eagles
AGAFINAG82:20 PMCOLB Mariposa Lightning2-4Dunnville Mudcats
APAFINAP122:20 PMGRAF Baltimore Ice Dogs3-0Brighton Braves
PGAFINPG122:20 PMJBPH Deep River Knights0-4Frontenac Flyers
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